During a recent Pentest event ‘Hâck The Hague 2019’ at the Municipality of The Hague, Team Onvio won the 1st price ‘Most Impactful Hack’

On 30 September, 79 Ethical Hackers sat down in the Atrium of City Hall to Pentest the IT-systems of the Municipality of The Hague and several of its suppliers. The event was the third instalment of the yearly pentesting event ‘Hâck The Hague 2019’. The initiative was co-organised by the Municipality of The Hague and Dutch cyber security company Cybersprint, with the goal to test the digital infrastructure of the Municipality and its suppliers for vulnerabilities. The municipality of The Hague has passed the test and is very pleased with the 102 reports of vulnerabilities found and is working with them.

Onvio amongst 79 other Ethical Hackers at Pentest event

A great result, said the deputy mayor who is responsible for the municipality’s IT-infrastructure and its security.

“I’d rather have Ethical hackers discover flaws in our systems, than malicious hackers. Our digital systems are monitored for vulnerabilities 24 hours a day, so there is practically no reason to doubt its security. Still, it’s wise to regularly Pentest our systems. Every organisation has its digital challenges, and large municipalities such as The Hague are no exception. We keep improving the security of our IT-systems by collaborating with qualified organisations and talented hackers. Today’s results illustrate the importance of such tests”.

Onvio at the price ceremony of the Pentest event.