Mystery Guest

A Mystery Guest, also known as a physical pentest, is aimed at the physical security of your digital assets. Can a cyber criminal just walk into your server room and leave a USB stick in your systems to access your network?

Easy physical access to your digital systems

Critical IT systems are not only attacked via the internet. Often the fastest route to break in is to gain physical access to an IT system.

With the Mystery Guest test, you can examine the physical security of your IT systems.

Our Ethical Hackers, equipped with hidden cameras, creatively try to gain physical access to your premises or data centre. Once inside, they search for sensitive information or critical IT systems to penetrate your network.

Discover digital risks in the physical security of your IT systems

A physical pentest investigates how cyber criminals can access your critical systems through a physical visit. Effective and almost always successful.

Physical Access

In a mystery guest test, our hackers try to access data, networks or servers by making an unannounced, secret, physical visit to your organization or data centers.

Hidden Cameras

Our hackers use hidden cameras for example in glasses or buttons. These devices record from start to finish how our hackers came in and which systems they were able to access.

Breaking into systems

Once our hackers have gained physical access to your organizations critical systems, they can effectively break into these systems to demonstrate what the consequences can be.

Testing security guards

With a mystery guest test you test the effectiveness and alertness of your security staff. The test reveals weaknesses and risks that can be used to raise the level of physical protection to a higher level.

Test access

With a mystery guest test you will discover vulnerabilities and risks in the physical security mechanisms such as access gates and pass systems. With the results of the mystery guest test, you can improve access systems.

Testing employees

During a mystery guest test, our hackers will try to extract data, passwords and log-in data. This allows you to see how security policies are being adhered to and where improvements can be made.

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Do you know your physical cyber risks?

A Mystery Guest test shows how easy it is for criminals to gain physical access to critical systems. A strong preventive digital security is good, but if the physical doors of your office are open, criminals have free rein.