Red Team

Modern attacks are not limited to a single digital system. All aspects of your IT systems are targeted and a single vulnerability can be enough to break the chain. A Red Team assignment goes beyond testing one system. Red Teaming simulates a realistic attack scenario in which every possible angle and technique is used.

What is a Red Team investigation

An attacker chooses the path of least resistance, only one weak link is needed to penetrate systems. A Red Team investigation examines the security of your entire chain: digital, physical and human.

The result of a Red Team attack simulation not only gives you insight into the risks and vulnerabilities in your systems and security, but it also shows the resilience and actions of your organization in the event of an incident.

A Red Team investigation, thoroughly checks the operation of your current measures (including non-technical measures), lets you experience an actual threat and learn what an attack entails.

The result of a Red Team investigation takes your IT security across the entire chain to a higher level and improves your incident response and monitoring measures.

The Red Team variations

Onvio offers three Red Team variations. Our specialists can also help you with a custom solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Attack Simulation

A realistic attack, based on a tailor-made scenario. In this attack, the Cyber, Physical and Human aspects are combined and investigated. The Read Team will operate in this attack as an opponent would in practice. This can provide a clear answer to the global question of whether the organisation is safe.

Red Team vs Blue Team

A realistic attack scenario as in the Attack simulation, but now in cooperation with the organization's monitoring team (blue team). A cat and mouse game in which the Blue Team tries to detect and prevent the Red Team.

Advanced Ethical Hacking

An advanced form of a penetration test in which the scope is broader and goes beyond the mere identification of vulnerabilities. By exploiting vulnerabilities, the hacker can penetrate the network and discover how far an attacker can get, in a controlled and safe way.

For which organisations is Red Team suitable

Red Team is suitable for all organisations. You may think Red Team is not suitable because your organization is too small, for example. However, this is exactly the way an attacker thinks: chase the organizations that do not expect it.

A Red Team investigation varies from a few days to a few months. Depending on the wishes of the organization, a tailor-made proposition will be made.

Why a Red Team investigation of Onvio

The quality of a Red Team investigation of Onvio is at a high level. Onvio has Ethical Hackers with specialized skills and years of experience in performing pentests, social engineering and mystery guest research.

The perfect combination for a realistic Red Team attack simulation based on the goals and objectives of the organization.

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