Penetration Test

A Penetration Test, also known as Pentest, is an effective method to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure with the aim of mapping out the current level of security and preemptively improve its digital security. Does your organization miss security measures and do current security mechanisms function sufficiently, are intrusion attempts noticed by your organization and what is the response?

What is a Pentest

With a Pentest, legal hackers examine your systems. This gives you a clear insight into the risks and vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT systems.

A Pentest results in improvements that make your systems and organization safer and reduce the risks.

Our specialists take care of your systems just like real cybercriminals. Creativity and knowledge play an essential role in finding vulnerabilities that would otherwise remain unnoticed.

All hackers at Onvio are certified to the highest standards.

Examine IT systems and discover the risks and improvements for your organization

Onvio is specialized in carrying out penetration tests. Our specialists conduct research into all kinds of IT systems, from company networks to advanced web applications or industrial systems.

Corporate network

A penetration test focused on your company network shows whether criminals can penetrate your internal network. It is also being investigated whether (malicious) employees or guests can compromise data from within the organization.

(Web) Applications

Applications such as websites, financial systems and portals provide an entry to sensitive data. Often even from the internet, which can lead to access to the internal company network. A pentest reveals vulnerabilities in these applications.

Mobile & Web Services

Mobile Apps and (web) services often process sensitive data and are linked to other (web) services and APIs in various ways. A penetration test investigates all possible attack vectors and backend links.


Industrial systems are increasingly linked to the Internet and company networks. For example, SCADA systems often do not have optimal security, which makes them an interesting target with a potential major impact.

Audits and assessments

A pentest is often a mandatory part of audits for ISO27001, DigiD, BIG or BIR. A penetration test in the context of an IT assessment is aimed at meeting the framework standards. The report is clear and immediately usable for an auditor.

Wi-Fi networks

A WiFi connection is the ideal way for hackers to penetrate your network. From outside your building criminals can intercept the signal so they can remotely attack your internal network without being noticed.

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Why organizations choose Onvio for a Pentest

The quality of a pentest depends on the specialized skills of the ethical hacker. Equally important is the translation of technical vulnerabilities into clear risks and solutions linked to the objectives of your organization.

Onvio excels in strong technical knowledge and the ability to translate results to your organization.