Source Code Review

A source code review or Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is an effective way to examine the security and quality of your code. With a source code review we identify risks in the source code of your application.

Effectively detect security vulnerabilities in your code

Secure Software Development (SSD) forms a foundation for solid security. Not every programmer works according to this method and where software is developed, mistakes are made.

Have your code checked for security vulnerabilities and quality by external, independent experts.

Performing a Source Code Review is an important step towards making your software safer.

Vulnerabilities and risks are identified at an early stage, thus raising the quality of the code to a higher level.

Examine the quality of your source code

Our experts can carry out a code review in all common programming languages. Specialized tools, manual inspection and experience form the basis for a thorough test. Risks in the area of security, maintainability and portability will be exposed.

Various programming languages

Our specialists will conduct security reviews of your code in JAVA, C#, C++ / C, SQL, Javascript and PHP. Code reviews are carried out on a wide variety of software from server applications to mobile and web apps.

Clear advice and knowledge sharing

The source code review provides a clear and practical report that will help your programmers effectively solve problems. For each finding, you will receive a detailed explanation of the cause and risks. This allows your programmers to gain knowledge and prevent recurrence.

Early detection of problems

A source code review is an extremely effective preventive measure. Before your software is shown to the outside world, minimize the risk of security breaches. A source code review can detect problems that may not be detected in a penetration test (and vice versa).

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Changes in source code introduce new risks

You can carry out a source code security review at various moments in your development cycle. By performing a source code review at various moments, you will prevent potentially unsafe code from going live.